The Denali Borough

Gateway to Denali National Park, the Denali Borough is located 250 miles north of Anchorage, and 110 miles south of Fairbanks.

The borough covers 8.2 million acres across the heart of Alaska and is adjacent to the  highest mountain on North America (Denali: 20,320 feet).   Covering nearly 100 miles of highway, the Denali Borough is home to multiple small communities (Anderson, Healy, McKinley Village and Cantwell are the largest four) and just under 2000 residents.

Recreational opportunities, amenities and services vary by community.   View our YouTube Channel for the latest community videos.


The City of Anderson is a small municipality adjacent to Clear Air Force Station.   It is also the northernmost community of the Denali Borough.   There are limited services available in Anderson, and most visitors are there to enjoy the quiet and spacious RV park.   Trails and 4-wheeling opportunities near the Nenana River offer recreation popular with Alaskans.    The turn for this community is located at mile 293.5 Parks Highway (56.5 miles from the entrance to DNP).

The small community known as Clear is located near milepost 278 (41 miles from the entrance to DNP) of the Parks Highway and encompasses residential homes and a variety of businesses, with a few geared toward visitors in the way of camping and dining.


Cantwell is the southernmost community of the Denali borough and the western end of the Denali Highway.   Milepost 200 (37 miles from the entrance to DNP) is where the Parks Highway and Denali Highway intersect.   Cantwell  has most amenities available, including camping, lodging and dining.   This community offers some of the most scenic areas of the Denali Borough and ample recreation opportunities.

Carlo Creek: 

This small area  located at milepost 224 (13 miles from the entrance to DNP) is home to multiple tourism businesses that include lodging and dining.

Denali Highway:

The Denali Highway travels east to west, and connects the Richardson Hwy with the Parks Hwy.

Denali National Park  and the Denali Park Canyon:

The entrance to Denali National Park is located at milepost 237 of the Parks Hwy.   One mile to the north of this is the area known as “Denali Park Canyon”, which is home to multiple hotel properties, stores, dining, excursions and more.   This is considered the center of tourism for the Denali Borough.


Healy is centered near milepost 248 (11 miles from the entrance to DNP) of the Parks Highway. With nearly 1000 residents, it is the largest community in the Denali Borough, thus having the most services.   There is a full service grocery store, auto part and hardware stores, a bank, health services, numerous hotels/B&B’s, tour companies and dining.

McKinley Park Village:

Located near milepost 230 (7 miles from the entrance to DNP) is McKinley Village.   This small community is a mix of residential neighborhoods and tourism resorts and services.   It is popular for its hiking trails, fine dining opportunities and small town feel.